Short hair articles

she is Wang Ziwen .

Long hair

short hair

She is Zhou Dongyu.

Long hair

short hair

She is Guo Caijie.

Long hair

short hair

She is Zhou Xun .

Long hair

short hair

Why are they so amazing when they cut short hair?

Yuan Shanshan actually doesn’t look too long to keep long hair, but I always feel a little weird…

new height 🙂

The village aunt breathed in:

After the hair was cut short, it felt like a playful and aura. The whole person was lifted up at once. (ps. The grinning smile she looked really good~)

Liu Tao has a long and beautiful hair, but always gives a feeling of a good Chinese wife, without his own style.

After cutting the hair, the overbearing total attack suddenly came out, and the personal style was clear, and it was more temperament and feminine than when staying long hair.

And Kiko Mizuhara hair styling, giving a flat touch of beauty. Not ugly, but it is not amazing.

This is actually not a good place to see where to go…

After leaving short hair, the lazy curly hair with delicate makeup is lively and sexy, and the personal style is more and more prominent. It is highly recognizable among many female models and actors.

Today, short hair has become a unique symbol of Suwon.

Short hair highlights their neck advantage

The long hair of Gao Junxi is actually quite beautiful, but her narrow neck, good-looking clavicle and other advantages are not fully displayed.

Until she cut her hair, the whole person was so beautiful. That’s because short hair gives her neck advantage just right. So, if you have a good-looking neck or a good-looking collarbone, you can try to cut a short hair~

Plus the choker and earrings are decorated to strengthen the shoulder and neck , don’t be too! it is good! Look!


Short hair effectively modifies their face shape

For the square face or the short and wide face with short chin and chin, it is a good choice to keep the fluffy short hair (must be fluffy, otherwise the short hair of the scalp is a disaster for the short wide face) . However, it should be noted that the length of the hair is best to the chin, choose the inner buckle to cover the cheek or layer the cheeks, the sauce purple will achieve a good effect. 

Let’s take our poems as an example. When

you look at “Step by step” or “The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man”, you will find that Liu Shishi actually knows how to help him.

Although the poems of long hair are pure and pleasant, they do not give people a feeling of bright eyes.

Since cutting short hair, the temperament is getting better and better. The partial short hair effectively modified her face lines, and the hair ends of the micro-rolls seemed to be smart.

In the same way, our national goddess Gao Yuanyuan is also a square face in the strict sense.

It used to be long hair:

Now cut short hair, fluffed the top of his head, revealing his forehead, covering the gang. In addition to her own five senses, the whole person looks atmospheric and pure and gentle.

In addition to the square face, the round face is also very suitable for keeping the fluffy short hair. The most suitable is still the fluffy micro-volume lob head, be careful not to cut the ear (otherwise it looks more rounded).

Say that the round face represents Chen Yuxi. 

Ever since I played the little dragon girl, everyone can’t forget her bun face for a long time… (so many hairs are so long that they can’t cover the flesh of the face – -)

But after getting married, the temperament of the whole person has completely changed. More and more gentle and intellectual. This is actually due to the change in hair style.

Of course, there is also an increase in clothing, at least more than before.

For a beautiful girl like Chen Yuxi, who has a flat and frivolous face and a lot of flesh on her face, it is quite suitable for LOB hairstyle. Don’t be too short (do not avoid the ear, otherwise it will be more fleshy), but don’t be too long, just go to the collarbone. With a little inner buckle, a little arc, and then get a partial split, it will look very fluffy hair, can achieve the effect of covering the meat and blur the hairline.

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