how to quickly find the right hairstyle for your face

The round face is round and soft, the cheekbones are not obvious, the mandibular angle is inward, the forehead is wider, and the chin is slightly shorter + rounded.


(The round face is the most taboo word – -)

It is said that the round face is not suitable for straight bangs. This is indeed the case. The thicker straight bangs cover the forehead and shift the line of sight to the nose and chin. The chin with a round face is short enough, so that the face looks shorter and rounder. If the nose is not three-dimensional, the whole face is like a big round cake.



In addition, if your chin is very short and round, it is recommended not to leave a point, black long straight points will appear more round your face (pro test: D).



What is the best hair style for a round face?


The round face has no advantage in the aspect ratio of the whole face, so we can tie a fluffy ball head and visually lengthen the face:



However, the head of the ball means a big brighter. The bright hair is not so easy to hold (for example, I will not hold the sentence = =): the three courts need to be even, the face should be well-proportioned, and there must be a good hairline.



The round face of the chin has always been dominant, so there are two solutions. One is to increase the line of sight and let others focus more on the upper half of the face than on the lower half of the face (such as combing the head). The other is to cover the gang and part of the chin through the occlusion of the left and right cheeks (this theory also applies to square faces)



So round face can try to be partial . The partiality can modify the rounded cheeks.



The lob hairstyle is suitable for beautiful girls with flat facial features and a lot of flesh on their faces. Don’t be too short (don’t avoid the ear, otherwise the face is bigger), but don’t be too long, just go to the collarbone, take a little buckle, have a little curvature, and then get a partial, it will look very fluffy, you can reach The effect of covering the flesh and blurring the hairline.




If you are a square face


The square face is characterized by a straight line with a contour on the face and a broad forehead and square cheekbones. The width and length of the face are equal. The difference from the round face is the width of the mandible.



Some girls feel that the face is not good-looking, so they don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to do bone-cutting surgery. The flesh feels that this is totally unnecessary, the aesthetics are diverse, and the square face has the beauty of a square face.


Audrey Hepburn is the standard square face, still pure and sweet:



Our national goddess Gao Yuanyuan also has an obvious square, still does not reduce her gentle and gentle temperament:



If Shu Qi does not have this face, I am afraid that her sex will also be reduced:



The square face can highlight a person’s atmosphere, calmness and dignified temperament, which is not possible with the awl face. However, because the square face is sharp and the outline is straight, this masculine feature is not pleasing (…), so try to avoid straight hair straightening in the choice of hair style .



(Hong Kong, this shape is really not suitable for Shu Qi)

Since the face is wide (square), then we will cover it vertically . For example, long curlywaves, curly hair can soften the lines of the face :



Or the lob whose length is over the square , and the side is divided into a small volume, which can block the half face :



It is not recommended to expose the face, it is best to have a little hair on the cheeks :



As for Liu Hai, if you don’t want your party to be more square, don’t stay. Even if you have the five senses of the immortal sister’s spicy, you can’t control this thick bangs:




If you are a long face


The long face is longer and narrower than the goose egg face, characterized by a long face, a high forehead and a long chin:



In order to move closer to the popular aesthetic of the goose egg face, the longest face is to shorten the face .



Cut an air bangs (ah, I just like the air bangs, I don’t like the kind of bangs that are dying ==). Air bangs not only ages, but also relieves the problems of hairline and forehead. If you cover your forehead, add a sweet temperament:



Not that all long faces are suitable for staying in the bangs. Unless your face and facial features are long face + no big nose + no square 腮 + small chin , then you can stay straight bangs is certainly no problem:



The long face is originally thin, so you can leave large wavy long curly hair, slightly cover around the cheeks, create a fluffy feeling, and widen the face in the horizontal direction:



Of course, three or seven points of bangs can also be, the length is probably between the cheeks and the collarbone, and then a little volume:



If the forehead is wider, you can use the hair around the hairline to make the forehead suitable for:



But if you have a long face and have a square blemish, it is recommended to leave fluffy curls and cover the square with the hair on both sides . Like the black long straight + big bright shape below, don’t try to make a long face. (The original face is long enough, the stylist should give Huang Shengyi a high head height, I really can’t understand: D)




If you are a diamond face 


The diamond-shaped face has prominent cheekbones, but the forehead and chin are narrower, and the edges and corners are distinct but very three-dimensional.



Because of the characteristics of the diamond face, it is recommended to use the hair to block the lines on the side of the face to weaken the lack of smoothness of the face.



The middle of the curl or the side of the big wave curl is the first choice~



If you are a heart-shaped face or a goose face, you don’t have to worry about any big problems like these two types of faces. You only need to adjust the hairstyle according to the facial features. (It is estimated that you have to write another article.) Having said that, the relationship between hair style and face shape is actually whether it is covered or not, but it is still not exposed. Which one should not be covered, which should not be revealed, from the visual point of view to the goose egg face.

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