How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Ultimate Guide!



You two broke up, you started to miss him and you are looking for a advice.

You still have feelings for him.

You still remember special moments you had.

You still crave for his presence.

What should you do?

Can you get your ex boyfriend back?

Well, it depends on few things.  How did you two broke up? Did you leave him or did he leave you? Did you separated as friends or was there a fight?

Remember, answering those questions is crucial!

Be honest to yourself and you may have a chance to get him back.

We compiled step by step plan to get your ex boyfriend back as soon as possible. We also compiled a list of tips that you can you can use to get him back.

We also have a list of things you don’t want to do in any situation.

Those are things that are big no-no in this kind of situation. Why? Because doing those things will only push him further away and your chance to get him back will be near to zero.

There is one more thing that you need to know.

No one can guarantee you that you will get your boyfriend back. Every breakup is different.

Best thing we can do is to give you some advice that can hopefully help you in some way.

So lets start! Here is a 6 step plan to get him back as soon as possible!



Step 1. What did go wrong?

Why did you two break up? Did someone cheated? Was end bad or you stayed friends?

If breakup was rough, it means there was some major issue between you two. Now, if you want to get your ex back, you need to get to the bottom of this issue first.

If, for example, you cheated on him, I must say to you now, you have small chances of getting him back. He is hurt and things will probably never be the same. So, maybe the best thing you can do is move one and leave him alone.

If breakup was somehow peaceful and no one was hurt, you actually have chance to get him back.

Step 2. When did breakup occurred?

When did you two breakup? Let me tell you why is this important. It is important because if breakup is fresh, best thing you can do is to give him a little space.

If you are devastated with recent breakup, you also need to give yourself some time.

Do what you need to do.

Lock yourself in a room and eat a bucket of cherry flavored ice cream while watching 24 hour movie marathon with Matthew McConaughey and cry your soul out.

Give it few weeks, get yourself together and plan your comeback!

Step 2. Ask yourself do you really want him back? 

Now is he time to ask yourself: “Do I really want him back? Is this right thing to do? Do I want to go through that again?”

Give this a good thought!

If you answer is yes, you can go on step number 3!

Step 3. Contact him.

You need to be extra careful here! Don’t be to obvious! You need to find good excuse to contact him. Don’t just contact him and say: “Hey, how are you?”.

Try to find something that is happening right now in his life. Something more or less important.

For example if he had big exam, you can ask him how that went. Or if you know that he had job interview, you can ask him did he get a job.

Find something that can help you start conversation!

If breakup occurred some time ago and you didn’t hear from him for some time, you first want to get informed.

Do you have mutual friends? Ask them about him. Where is he, what he’s doing, what is actual in his life, etc.

After you got your info, you can contact him.

Remember, just keep it simple and everything should be fine!

Step 4. Ask for a casual meeting.

Now when you two had small chat, you want to make first step! I know that’s hard but you are the one who wants your ex boyfriend back, so you need to make the first step.

If you waited for to long, you may end up losing your chance to get back together.

So, where should you meet? I recommend something casual like cup of coffee in your local cafe. It is simple and causal, and a good place where you can really talk without being interrupted.

You don’t want to ask him to go out with him, or meet him at some night club. That way he can interpret signals wrong. He will think you just want to hook up. Also, you two could have few drinks, one thing can lead to another, and tomorrow you may end up regretting your decision!

There is nothing wrong with casual hook up with your ex, but that way you could ruin your chance for a long term relationship.

Step 5. Talk about good moments you had.

He said yes? Great! Hardest part is done. Now, you need to let him know that you want to get back together.

What is the best way to do that?

For example, you can start with asking him how are things in his life, what he’s doing and general things about his life.

Remember – don’t talk about yourself! You ask questions, make him talk and listen! By listening, you will be able to pick up his signals.

After you talked for sometime about random stuff, you should have general feeling about where things stand between you two.

Look for positive signals. Did he agreed right away to get a coffee with you or there was some hesitation? Is he happy to see you?

Since you two dated, you should be able to recognize those signals. If you see positive signals, you can proceed to more advanced stuff.

Ask him something about positive moments you two had together. Ask him does he remember how was nice to spend time together. If you had some special moments, ask him does he remembers them.

If you see that things are going pretty well, you can get a little more aggressive and say that it would be nice to have some new special moments together.

Again, look for positive signals. If he say: “Yeah, that would be nice”, or “Yes, we had some nice moments”, or anything along those lines, you are on a right way to  get him back.

Step 6. Ask to see him again. 

Now when things are going well and you had a good time remembering moments you had, you can tell him that you had a nice time seeing him again and that you would like to see him again.

If he says; “Yes, I would like to do that again”, you know that you have pretty good chances to get back together with him.

If you see he is hesitating – don’t push him. In that case, you need to find out why is he hesitating. Maybe he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, and he moved on.

Don’t worry! That is fine.

You know you at least tried.



Here are top 6 tips that can help you to get your ex boyfriend back:

1. Be Honest

Be honest with your ex boyfriend. Tell him what are your intentions and don’t make things up. Honesty is the best policy in this kind of situations.

2. Give Him Time

If you two just broke up recently, and he was the one who ended it, best thing to do is to give him some “breathing room”. Just stay calm and give him some time. You don’t want to become his ‘crazy ex girlfriend’.

If your relationship ended some time ago, ignore this and start with 6 step plan!

3.  Know When To Stop.

Don’t be to pushy! Give him some breathing room and read between lines! If he feels cornered and bombarded with your constant pushing, he will back away and you will lose your chance!

4. Take your mind of the breakup.

If you broke up recently, take your time and find something to do, to take your mind of it. Cry if you need  but don’t over do it. Tears can’t bring him back in your life!

Please, don’t call him crying and begging for a new chance, few hours after breakup. That is not the solution. Take your mid of a breakup, talk to your best friends, go out and have fun.

After your clear your mind, you can start with the plan how to get him back.

5. Apologize.

If things went wrong and you did something that you regret, apologize. He is probably very hurt and good apology will go a long way. At first he will act like he don’t want to hear about it, but trust me, he is expecting you to apologize.

6. Move on.

If you see that there isn’t any chance for you two getting back together, just move on. Move on with your life and find someone who will love you. Don’t cry over things you can’t change.

Take some time to get yourself together. Go out with your girlfriends and have fun. When you feel ready, you can start dating again.



Now here is the list of things you don’t want to do in any situation!

1. Don’t do stupid things just to get his attention. 

Please, don’t do this. Many women get desperate and start doing stupid stuff to get his attention. From flirting with other guys to texting him 24/7. You don’t want to be ‘that’ girl!

2. Don’t get a new boyfriend ASAP. 

If your plan is to hook up with some guy just to make your ex jealous, forget it. That is the most stupidest thing you can do. Do you really think jealousy can bring him back to you? If you do, you need to think again.

3. Don’t Get Desperate. 

Don’t get desperate and start begging him to get back to you. This is the fastest way to screw everything up and lose your dignity in process. You need to remain calm and casual.

Don’t text him or call him few times a day. He will be annoyed by you and your desperation. Desperation isn’t sexy.

4. Don’t Stalk.

Stalking is bad. You can stalk him online on Facebook or Instagram but stalking in real life is a no go! You don’t want to get restraining order, do you?

5. Don’t Go After His New Girlfriend. 

If your ex has moved on and has a new life, please don’t bother him. You shouldn’t blame his new girlfriend for your mistakes.

6. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. 

As we already said, no one can guarantee that you will get your ex back. Every person has his own story behind the breakup. Don’t get to excited, be realistic and work with what you have.

7. Don’t Argue About Reasons Why Relationship Ended.

Don’t remind him about reasons you broke up. You’ll start fighting again.  Try to stay calm and keep your head clear. Try to leave past problems behind you.

8. Don’t force it.

If you notice that he doesn’t want to reestablish the relationship, don’t force it. You can’t make someone love you, or care about you by force. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. By forcing it, you can only push him further from you.


If nothing of this works, and he still doesn’t  have any interest in you, ask yourself do you want to be with a guy who doesn’t care about you. You need someone who deserves your attention!

If you have any specific question or want to share your breakup story, write it down in comments!


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