Adult Halloween Costumes Guaranteed to Win You this Year’s Prize

The Headless Man/Woman

The Headless Man/WomanSave

If you’re a die-hard Halloween then you’ll agree that it’s supposed to be all about the creepy, scary and spooky, right? So what better way is there to scare your friends than showing up headless? Well, carrying your decapitated head in your arms should so the trick.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DIYInspired

No-Sew Spiderweb Cape

No-Sew Spiderweb CapeSave

If you’ve been a little busy and don’t have time to put together an elaborate costume, then this spiderweb cape may be the perfect thing for you. You can get it done in no time, and you don’t really have to wear any other fancy garments to show this one off.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DeliaCreates

Stick (Wo)Man

Stick (Wo)ManSave

If you just love clever costumes and don’t necessarily feel the need to always be scary on Halloween, then something as simple (and brilliant) as a stick person may tickle your fancy. I think it’s absolutely genius, plus, it’s so easy to make – a bit of tape on white clothing, a poster board head, and you’re good to go!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CreativelyChristy

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ DonutsSave

As a writer, I always appreciate a little dose of clever wordplay, don’t you? The ‘Dunkin’ part of the costume is the basketball jersey, while the ‘Donut’, well, that’s not hard to miss now is it? A pool tube works as the basis for your donut, which you can then decorate as you wish.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CoolestHomemadeCostumes

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of GreySave

Whether you loved or *ahem* hated the book and movie, you can’t deny the crazy popularity, so if you want something topical and simple, here’s what you can do. Gather up some free paint chips, all in different shades of grey, and attach to your clothing in any manner you see fit.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instagram:cklwilliam and Tantaluran

Hooked Mermaid

Hooked MermaidSave

There’s something quite creepy and unsettling about the idea of something as elegant and beautiful as the elusive mermaid, with a horrifying hook going right through her cheek. I absolutely love it! And the makeup tutorial to achieve ‘scales’ on your face is downright genius.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – HGTV and BeeIsForBeeauty

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the RiveterSave

Let your inner feminist flag fly proudly by channeling the cultural icon and symbol of feminism, Rosie the Riveter. The look itself is simple enough to achieve with some makeup skills and regular clothes that you’ll probably already have in your closet, and the “We Can Do It!” poster board can be attached to your back with straps.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – SheKnowsWhatIWoreGetWithThe40s and Flickr:VivianaAgostinho

Going Batty

Going BattySave

Bats are amongst the list of quintessentially Halloweeny icons, so if you’re going to do it, do it properly! You know that old broken umbrella you have stashed away somewhere in your garage? Well now’s the time to put it to good use to create frightfully realistic batwings!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – EvilMadScientist

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van GoghSave

You may not be able to recreate the fantastic post-impressionist masterpieces that the great Vincent van Gogh gave us, but you can actually emulate his self-portrait with a few clever brushstrokes on your face and clothing.

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – TheZooom and SuperPunch

Creepy Doll

Creepy DollSave

Ever notice how so many horror movies have to do with creepy kids and even dolls? That’s because there’s something intrinsically disturbing and sinister about something that is meant to be childlike and innocent, gone bad. So make yourself some ball joint tights, experiment with makeup, and finish it off with a girly, frilly dress.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FairyTaleALaModeVeckoRevyn and MakeUpForEver

Realistic Wounds

Realistic WoundsSave

We can’t all be professional makeup artists, but we can certainly implement a few tricks of the trade. These tutorials shows you how to create terrifyingly realistic wounds and gashes on your body to really freak people out.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – PopSugar and DeviantArt:buttstrong

Ace Ventura

Ace VenturaSave

I don’t care how old you are or in which decade you spent your childhood, Ace Venturais a true comedic classic that is instantly recognizable. Sure, you could toss the tutu and swap it for his trademark striped pants, but being reminded of this fantastic scene is sure to bring out a few good laughs. Alllllrighty then!

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Flickr:TineyHo

Gumball Machine

Gumball MachineSave

Here’s a cute and fun costume to lighten the mood amongst all the scary stuff – a gumball machine costume! Adorable, right? Grab yourself a massive pile of colorful pompoms and get gluing! It’s easy, it’s clever, it’s creative, and it’s cute; what’s not to love?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TheJoyOfFashion

Captured Mermaid

Captured MermaidSave

This is one for those of you who like to put some real effort in the making of a spectacular costume. Be warned, it will take some time, but the tutorial lays it out for you step by step. Have a browse through the comments section to pick up some tips from others who made their own versions.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables:ModMischief

Banksy’s Flower Thrower

Banksy’s Flower ThrowerSave

The creativity of some people never ceases to amaze me. How clever is this Banksy mural costume? It actually looks like an optical illusion.  If you’re willing to paint some old clothes in order to recreate this 2D stencil image then you’re good to go!

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – DailyUpdateInteriorHouseDesign

Embarrassing School Portrait

Embarrassing School PortraitSave

How horrifying did it feel to receive your school portrait photos all those years back, only to come face-to-face with an unflattering and awkward image of yourself? Did I really look like that? Well, you can easily recreate the horror and hilarity with this playful and funny costume.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables:kazmataz

Unzipped Face

Unzipped FaceSave

This look is truly terrifying; it’s definitely the creepiest one on the list for me, which makes it perfect for you traditional Halloweeners who like to stick with scary costumes on this spooky holiday. It’s not actually too much of an effort, and since it’s all about the face, you don’t have to worry about finding an outfit – all-black will do just fine.

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – DeeaMake-Up



Social media is inescapable, so regardless of whether you’re a real Instagram addict, or whether you just want to poke fun at said Instagram addicts, this clever homemade costume might just be the one. It’s simple and easy to make, and you don’t even have to find a special outfit.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ThirtyHandmadeDays

Walter White x2

Walter White x2Save

Want to pay homage to your favorite TV show but aren’t sure which version of Walter White you’d like to go as? Why not do both? This clever hybrid of Walter and Heisenberg will definitely set you apart from any other Breaking Bad costumes out there.

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Imgur:d4d16

Walking, Talking Piñata

Walking, Talking PiñataSave

All you need to pull of this colorful costume is an old or cheap dress, some fabric glue, and a whole lot of crepe paper or streamers. Isn’t it cute? And if you really want to commit to the role, toss candy at everyone – everyone loves free candy!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – SimplyWhisked and CamilleStyles


Sushi!I think it’s about time I pay homage to this delectable Japanese wonderfood… sushi has treated me so very well over the years. A salmon nigari costume is actually easy to assemble, and when topped off with a ginger and wasabi hat, you’ll look good enough to eat! I’d keep my clothing as an all-white ensemble, though, so that it look more like the rice part.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ChungryGirl

Hurricane Man (or Woman)

Hurricane Man (or Woman)Save

Looking as if you’re struggling to walk through a hurricane is actually not such a difficult task. And you get extra points if you dedicate yourself to assuming the perfect stance all night long (and screaming against the “wind”). What a genius!

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Imgur:Tunnelsnake



There certainly isn’t anything scary about Springfield’s annoyingly cheerful do-gooder, Ned Flanders, but wouldn’t it be fun to get to talk like him all night long? “Hi diddly ho, happy Halloweeners!” And thankfully, the costume is really easy to put together (along with some yellow face paint, of course). Stupid Flanders!

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Imgur:Tubbsie

Witch Shoes

Witch ShoesSave

The evil witch is a Halloween classic, and the fact that the costume is really easy to make up on your own really adds to its popularity. But what is a witchy outfit without the perfect shoes? These tutorials give you some great tips to transforming a regular pair of shoes (without totally ruining them in the process) to make you the most fashionable spell-caster in the west.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – SweetCDesigns and DaleDetalles



There are different ways to make a jellyfish costume: an umbrella with furry yarn tentacles or bubble wrap tentacles, or a top hat with organza tentacles. Want to take it up a notch? Add some battery operated LED string lights within the head and tentacles for that real wow factor.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instagram:angiwenPettiBear and MarthaStewart

The History Channel Guy (Giorgio A. Tsoukalos)


You don’t even have to watch The History Channel to know who this guy is… internet memes have catapulted him into infamy! The alien conspiracy theorist is characterized by his suit and crazy hair, so it’s really easy to pull off, and the addition of the logo is pure perfection!

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Imgur:fireworks

Here’s Johnny!

Here’s Johnny!Save

Anyone who has ever watched the marvelous masterpiece that is The Shining will remember the spine-tingling horror they felt in that legendary scene where the crazy Jack Torrance stuck his head through the door and uttered those two famous words… “Here’s Johnny!” I couldn’t find a tutorial for this one but it’s easy to figure out: make a door from cardboard, gather the right clothes, find a toy axe, and then incorporate some makeup to give you that signature, creepy Jack Nicolson look.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Geekologie and Instagram:josiehough

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy CatSave

Admit it: the internet has turned you into a cat person. It’s ok, I’ve been one all my life. So how would you like to be the most famous cat on the web? Grumpy cat is a legend of our time, so put your clever makeup/face painting  skills to work, wear all white, and make yourself some fluffy ears and a tail (make sure to get the colors right). And of course, wear that scowl with pride!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – EmilieFooGlamorcast and DoItYourselfDivas(for the ears and tail)

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury RoadSave

If you enjoyed the post-apocalyptic madness that was Mad Max this year, then why not show your appreciation in the form of a DIY costume? Whether you’re going as Imperator Furiosa, Max himself, or just taking some inspiration from the movie, playing around with the avant-garde look is a lot of fun. Psst – football shoulder pads will come in handy here!

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Instagram:taysampPinterest and DomesticBlissSquared

Che Guevara T-Shirt

Che Guevara T-ShirtSave

Remember that time when everyone proudly donned their Che Guevara t-shirts, while not actually knowing much about that man in the first place? Well, if you like to poke a little bit of fun and stir the pot like I do, then consider this rather brilliantly thought-out t-shirt costume.

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Imgur:DagObah



Zoolander 2 is coming out in 2016 and I can barely contain my excitement! Sure, it’s very possible that you may bump into one of the two male models at your Halloween party, so I’d definitely suggest you go with the fabulous Mugatu instead.

DIY Instructions/Inspiration/Project Credit – Imgur:dasfrank

Ginger Bread Man

Ginger Bread ManSave

Do you have ginger hair, enjoy wordplay, and feel a little too lazy to put too much effort into your costume? Perfect! You’d make an excellent ginger bread man! I’d actually ditch the sign and see just how clever and perceptive my friends really are.


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