30 Patriotic Fourth Of July Fashion Ideas For Everyone In The Family

1. DIY American Flag Pin

DIY American Flag PinSave

You’ll really be rocking that patriotic pride with this great American flag pin. It’s really reminiscent of those old friendship pins from the 80s. You just need a few beads and a few safety pins – one large one for the base and smaller ones to hang your stars and stripes. This project shouldn’t take you longer than about five minutes to make, so you can create one for everyone in the family.

Source/Tutorial: rockabyeparents

2. Easy American Flag Tank Top

Easy American Flag Tank TopSave

An old tank top – or t-shirt if you prefer – some cardboard, paint and a few star stickers can be turned into this amazing American flag shirt. You just tape off sections for the stripes and then use star stickers to create the stars – which you paint over to give it a great rustic look. This is an easy project and won’t take you long at all to complete. You could make American flag shirts for yourself and the entire family in an afternoon.

Source/Tutorial: sunglasswarehouse

3. DIY Beaded Stars Jewelry

DIY Beaded Stars JewelrySave

You can turn these easy to make beaded stars into jewelry of all sorts. Whether you’re looking for a necklace or earrings, or even a matching set, these are pretty simple to create and I love the color! Of course, the color is entirely up to you and the beads that you purchase. However you do them, these little beaded stars are sure to capture attention at that Fourth of July picnic.

Source/Tutorial: howdidyoumakethis

4. Upcycled T-Shirt Headband

Upcycled T-Shirt HeadbandSave

Red, white and blue t-shirts can be used to make these patriotic headbands, which are as fun to wear as they are to make. Just cut your t-shirt material into strips and then use those strips to braid your headbands. These would be great in all three colors or you can do one color per headband.

Source/Tutorial: blessthismessplease

5. Patriotic Coin Charm Earrings

Patriotic Coin Charm EarringsSave

You can buy coin charms at most craft or hobby stores and then turn them into these really patriotic dangle type earrings. Just add blue and red embellishments, blue stars would look great and then attach them to an earring form. If you’ve never made jewelry before, this is a really easy project to start with and you’ll have a great pair of earrings when you’re finished.

Source/Tutorial: finecraftguild

6. DIY Patriotic Sunglasses

DIY Patriotic SunglassesSave

You know you need your shades when the sun is scorching down on you at your Fourth of July celebration. Why not wear these DIY patriotic sunglasses? They’re super cool and so easy to make. You need plastic sunglasses in red, white, or blue and paint pens in the same colors. Then just add your stars and stripes or other patriotic embellishments and look cool while you’re avoiding those rays.

Source/Tutorial: partiesforpennies

7. Eraser Stamped Starburst T-Shirt

Eraser Stamped Starburst T-ShirtSave

Turn any ordinary white t-shirt into the perfect Independence Day attire with this starburst DIY. Just trace a star shape onto freezer paper and iron it on to your shirt. Then, dip the eraser of a pencil in blue and red paint and just stamp all around your star. When you’re finished, just remove the freezer paper and you have a beautiful t-shirt that’s perfect for all those Fourth of July celebrations.

Source/Tutorial: cutesycrafts

8. Beautiful DIY Fireworks Charm Bracelet

Beautiful DIY Fireworks Charm BraceletSave

If you love jewelry making, you are really going to love this fireworks bracelet that you can make in just an hour or so. You’ll need headpins and a collection of beads to create your “fireworks.” This one is great because you can make it as unique as you want it. The collection of different reds, whites, and blues give it a wonderfully patriotic look and you can add in silver or gold charms as well to make it a bit more elegant.

Source/Tutorial: yellowblackbird

9. Homemade American Flag Hat

Homemade American Flag HatSave

Who wouldn’t want to wear this great American flag hat to their Independence Day celebrations? You just need a sunhat, in red, white or blue preferably and then a red, white and blue scarf. Cut two holes on the hat and thread your scarf through. Then tie it up or leave it hanging and wear your patriotic colors with pride.

Source/Tutorial: diyready

10. DIY Independence Day Nails

DIY Independence Day NailsSave

Your nails are just as importance when it comes to your Fourth of July fashion as your clothing. Why not make them extra-special this year? You can easily create these stars and stripes nails with some thin tape and a little imagination. To create the stripes, just tape off even sections of your nails and paint them red and white. For the stars, paint one nail blue and then use the polka dot method.

Source/Tutorial: lulus

11. DIY Grosgrain Red, White and Blue Hair Bow

DIY Grosgrain Red, White and Blue Hair BowSave

This gorgeous little hair bow is perfect for girls of all ages. It’s red and blue grosgrain ribbon with a huge white button in the center. It has such a lovely flowering effect and is really easy to make. Girls from toddlers to teenagers are sure to love it and since it only takes a few minutes to make, you can create enough for all the girls in your house.

Source/Tutorial: sunshineshoppeblog

12. Handprint Fireworks T-Shirt

Handprint Fireworks T-ShirtSave

This “handful of fireworks” t-shirt is as much fun to make as it is to wear. The fireworks are made from handprints – this is the part your kids will love. Just let them cover their hands in blue and red paint and create the fireworks and then add silver glitter paint for the special effects.

Source/Tutorial: ilovetocreate

13. DIY Independence Day Hoop Earrings

DIY Independence Day Hoop EarringsSave

These hoop earrings are great for any occasion, especially those Fourth of July picnics. They’re really easy to make and look so great when they’re finished. You just basically load beads onto hoop earring forms and you’re all set. You can also add charms to embellish them just a bit more.

Source/Tutorial: sheknows

14. Adorable Mommy And Me Patriotic Shoes

Adorable Mommy And Me Patriotic ShoesSave

Create adorable patriotic shoes for yourself and your little ones. This easy project requires nothing more than white shoes and blue and red fabric markers. Dress them up in flag style and be the hit of your celebratory barbecue. You can get white shoes at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store for around $5 per pair – a steal considering you’ll spend about $50 per pair if you buy shoes with an American flag pattern already on them.

Source/Tutorial: prettyprovidence

15. Easy DIY No Sew Fabric Hair Bows

Easy DIY No Sew Fabric Hair BowsSave

Add just a splash of patriotic color to your outfit with these easy to make, no sew patriotic hair bows. You can use bandanas to create them, which makes it really easy to get the colors you need. Bandanas come in red and white or blue and white at the Dollar Store and they’re only about a dollar each. You can make a couple of hair bows with each one.


16. Patriotic Tie Dye Doggie Shirt

Patriotic Tie Dye Doggie ShirtSave

Even your little furry family members can show off their patriotic pride. This little tie dyed doggie shirt is really easy and so adorable! Just take a plain white doggie t-shirt and dye it with red and blue to create the look. You’ll be as proud to show off the little shirt as your doggie will – and this project only takes a few minutes to complete.

Source/Tutorial: irresistiblepets

17. Patriotic Washi Tape Bracelet

Patriotic Washi Tape BraceletSave

Washi tape comes in so many colors and designs that it makes it really easy to decorate just about anything in patriotic style. You can use Washi tape to cover a wooden or plastic bracelet and make it perfect for those upcoming Fourth of July celebrations. You can also build your own wooden bracelet from wide popsicle sticks and make this a completely DIY project.

Source/Tutorial: mamamiss

18. Denim And Burlap Patriotic Wreath Pin

Denim And Burlap Patriotic Wreath PinSave

This little pin is the perfect accessory for the upcoming holiday. It’s made from denim – for the blue – and burlap – for the red and white, and it’s a lovely way to show off your patriotic pride. Tiny white buttons on the denim look like stars. This is a great project that will only take you an hour or so to complete.

Source/Tutorial: aglimpseinsideblog

19. DIY Felt Pinwheel Hair Bows

DIY Felt Pinwheel Hair BowsSave

These little felt hair bows are perfect for little ones and they’re really easy to make. They use a cutting machine to cut the felt but you could just as easily cut it by hand. Once you have the pinwheel shape cut out, you just curl it up to make a 3D style bow and add your embellishments. You could easily do several of these in an hour or so, giving you plenty of time to adorn the hair of all your little girls for the holiday.

Source/Tutorial: cutesycrafts

20. Fourth Of July Ribbon Flip Flops

Fourth Of July Ribbon Flip FlopsSave

You can pick up a pair of cheap flip flops at the Dollar Store for about a dollar and then use ribbon to turn them into these amazing red, white and blue shoes for the holiday. You basically just tie your ribbon around the flip flops in whatever colors and styles you want. These are great and so easy to make. They’ll be perfect for your picnics or watching fireworks and they’re cheap, so they’re the best kind of DIY project.

Source/Tutorial: thriftydecorating-nikkiw

21. Reversible Stars And Stripes Apron

Reversible Stars And Stripes ApronSave

While you’re grilling this Fourth of July – or while your hubby is – really set the scene with this great reversible apron. You make it with fat quarters, which you can get at most hobby or craft stores pretty cheap if you don’t have some on hand. You can totally alter the design and even make it patriotic on one side and then general summer on the other so it’s great for the entire season.

Source/Tutorial: lizoncall

22. DIY Tie Dye Patriotic T-Shirt

DIY Tie Dye Patriotic T-ShirtSave

I love tie dye projects! They just make everything look so cool and that’s exactly what this firecracker shirt is – really cool. You just take a regular white t-shirt and then use tie dying to turn it into this amazing patriotic clothing piece that is sure to be the hit of all of your Fourth of July celebrations. It’s a pretty easy project, too.

Source/Tutorial: ilovetocreateblog

23. Girls’ Patriotic Ruffle Skirt

Girls’ Patriotic Ruffle SkirtSave

How adorable is this little red, white and blue ruffle skirt? I love the design and the ruffles just really set it off. This is a pretty easy project to sew, even if you don’t sew very often. The blue and white polka dot material looks like the stars on the flag and the ruffle shows off a great red and white stripe pattern. Little girls are going to adore wearing it!

Source/Tutorial: mama-says-sew

24. American Flag Boys And Girls T-Shirts

American Flag Boys And Girls T-ShirtsSave

Here’s another project for the little ones and it’s easy to create this shirt for boys or girls. The girl’s version has ruffles for the stripes and the boy’s shirt is a bit plainer with straight stripes. The blue section has little white buttons to create stars and the entire project is just too adorable for words. It’s pretty easy – all you need is a white shirt and some red and blue ribbon.

Source/Tutorial: makeit-loveit

25. DIY Denim American Flag Shorts

DIY Denim American Flag ShortsSave

Turn those old denim shorts – or cut off blue jeans – into these great American flag shorts just in time for your Fourth of July celebrations. For this one, you need fabric paint and a few painting accessories. One side shows off the stars while the other is painted in red and white stripes. You can do these in any size, which means you and your girls can all dress alike!

Source/Tutorial: theidearoom

26. Star Spangled Banner Skort

Star Spangled Banner SkortSave

Skorts are so great. You get the look of a skirt with the coverage of shorts. This one is a really easy to sew project and is perfect for girls of all ages. This is an easy to sew project even for those of you who don’t sew very often. Your little one is going to love it and she’ll be able to play as much as she wants while still looking adorably dressed up for your celebrations.

Source/Tutorial: theribbonretreat

27. DIY Patriotic Beach Bag

DIY Patriotic Beach BagSave

If your plans for the Fourth of July include the beach this year, then this tie dyed beach bag is a must accessory. It’s easy to make and perfect for carrying those beach essentials. You could also use it as a patriotic diaper bag or just a general carry all if you’re not heading to the beach. You can get the white canvas tote bag at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and then just tie dye it with blue and red to get the effect.

Source/Tutorial: irresistiblepets

28. Fourth Of July Dress For Girls

Fourth Of July Dress For GirlsSave

Your little girl is going to adore wearing this patriotic dress and you’re going to love making it. It’s a relatively easy project and doesn’t require any sewing at all. You can pick up the little white cotton dress at most craft or hobby stores and then you just design it with blue and red stars. It’s so easy to make and will help to keep her cool while you’re out in the sun on the Fourth.

Source/Tutorial: crazylittleprojects

29. Recycled Denim Pocket Onesie

Recycled Denim Pocket OnesieSave

You can actually make this little shirt in any size, but how adorable would it be on a onesie? Even your tiny little one needs a patriotic outfit for the Fourth and this one is so easy to make. You just use some recycled denim to create a little pocket that you sew right onto the front of the shirt. It’s easy and so adorable when it’s completed.

Source/Tutorial: momsandcrafter

30. DIY Patriotic Glitter Crown

DIY Patriotic Glitter CrownSave

Make this glitter crown for all the girls in your family – and even one for yourself! It’s made from foam that you cut into star shapes and then you just add the glitter. Attach it all to a plastic headband and that’s it. You can show off your patriotic pride and give yourself a great hair style all at the same time. This one is so easy that you can make a few of them in an hour’s time.

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