25 Insanely Clever Arm Knitting Projects and Techniques

The Half-Hour Infinity Scarf

The Half-Hour Infinity ScarfSave

This double infinity scarf is very bulky, so it’s perfect for the when the cold really sets in.  The 12-minute video tutorial takes it nice and slow so it’s really easy to follow, especially because it’s been filmed from the knitter’s perspective. It should only take you about half an hour to get this done!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Handimania

Arm Knitting for Beginners

Arm Knitting for BeginnersSave

For this cowl there’s another great video to guide you through the way. If you’re a knitting beginner then this will really make it easy for, you. The short video also offers some written instructions so it’s even easier to follow – just make sure to give it your full attention. It helps to watch the whole thing through before you get started (there might be a lot of stopping and starting) so that you really get the grasp of it.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Michael Stores

They Don’t All have to be Super Chunky

They Don’t All have to be Super ChunkySave

If you find it irritating to have to continually pause and play a video in order to keep up with your new exciting arm-knitting project, you may prefer these written instructions instead. There’s not all that much reading to be done, and the inclusion of images will help guide you further. Although the ‘stitches’ remain loose and chunky, this specific cowl isn’t quite as big as some of the others so you won’t have to wait for freezing temperatures to show it off.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Red Heart

Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go HomeSave

This big stitch merino makes for a softer, warmer and even chunkier cowl. Once you’re a pro and arm knitting scarves every 15 minutes, you’ll have more wiggle room to experiment with different types of yarns.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Mari Knits

More Strands for More Bulk

More Strands for More BulkSave

For this blanket, the arm knitter uses three stands of yarn at the same time, and two different types or yarn for some variation of texture. Make sure to use super bulky yarns so that the blanket actually fills out, especially if you want the blanket to actually fulfill its purpose.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Simply Maggie

An Arm Knitting Necklace!

An Arm Knitting Necklace!Save

When it comes to arm knitting, your possibilities are actually wider than you may have thought; one of those possibilities is a statement necklace. You’ll need just a few more supplies this time other than just the yarn and your arms, but the result is a beautifully unique accessory.  There are some instructions for you to read through as well as a video tutorial to guide you through this funky new endeavor.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Vicky Howell

A Thinner, Lighter Scarf

A Thinner, Lighter ScarfSave

If you love the idea of arm knitting but don’t want such a bold and chunky scarf then check out this next video tutorial. Instead of bulky yarn, this scarf is made with yarn that is specifically used for making scarves; the end result is an infinity scarf that is lightweight and thinner than most, and ideal for spring.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Happy Hour Projects

Written Instructions – Minus the Videos

Written Instructions – Minus the Videos

Here’s another one for those of you who aren’t that keen on videos. These written instructions are just as clear and helpful as the real-life videos, and there are photos to help you through step-by-step.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Yarnspirations

Something a Little Shimmery

Something a Little ShimmerySave

The combination of written instructions and photo and video tutorials makes it even easier to learn how to do this craft. The scarf was made with an interesting selection of yarn: the silver strand adds a little something extra to the neutral tone.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Becoming Martha

Something Different: Purl Stitch

Something Different: Purl Stitch


When you’re feeling more confident in your arm knitting capabilities using the basic knit stitch and want something different, watch this video to learn how to do how to do a purl stitch. The purl technique creates little bumps in the pattern, so you get some added texture with this one. As a beginner, it’s better to start out with the regular knit stitch before moving on to this one.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Yarnspirations

Something Different: Seed Stitch

Something Different: Seed StitchSave

This awesome video teaches you how to seed stitch – it’s achieved by combining and alternating between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. The video is very detailed and offers a great zoomed-in view of the knitting so you can really see exactly what is being done. The instructor also talks you through it and offers some great tips as she goes along.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Yarnspirations

Something Different: I-Cord

Something Different: I-CordSave

If you want to try another type of stitch you can try the I-cord; this stitch gives a cool rope-like (or tube-like) effect which is usually used for the handles of a bag or edging. It’s really easy to do; so much so, in fact, that the “I” actually stands for idiot! Elizabeth Zimmerman, the inventor of this stitch, commented that it’s so simple even an idiot can do it, so that may be all the motivation you need!  This video is perfect for beginners who haven’t really knitted much before, if at all.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Yarnspirations

The ‘Net’ Scarf

The ‘Net’ Scarf

Although this specific video may be rather long, it is super helpful in teaching beginners the basics of arm knitting. The scarf that is made in this one has a very large gauge so it almost has a net-like appearance. If this trend is all unfamiliar territory for you then this is probably the best video to show you the ropes.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Fiber Flux

Arm Knitting for Dummies

Arm Knitting for DummiesSave

If you’re not all that convinced that you’d be able to pull off arm-knitting, maybe these instructions will change your mind. Written by someone who describes herself as “the world’s worst crafter”, this proves that practically anyone can get this right!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – xo Jane

A Whole Series of Help

A Whole Series of HelpSave

This text-and-image tutorial is actually a four-part series that explains casting on, the actual knitting, binding off, and finishing of a cowl. Not only are the instructions easy to work through, but you’ll even learn the lingo if you’re a novice knitter!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Flax and Twine

Change up the Yarns

Change up the Yarns

The novelty yarn used in this video tutorial makes for a really fun and playful scarf. Because it’s so bushy-looking, the stitching doesn’t look as wide or loose as it does with most of the other yarns. The scarf is still bulky in terms of size, but the stitching doesn’t look quite as big.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – The Crochet Crowd

The T-Shirt Cowl

The T-Shirt CowlSave

You don’t even have to buy yarn for your arm knitting project, you can cut up old t-shirts and use that instead! These instructions show you how to cut up the t-shirts so that you can create an interesting textured cowl. Plus, it’s a great way to repurpose your old clothing that just collects dust in the back of your closet.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Craftimism

Get Some Fringe in Your Life

Get Some Fringe in Your LifeSave

This video shows you how to arm knit a scarf with fringe, so the ends aren’t connected as they are with the infinity scarves. The fringe adds a fun and playful twist, and shows you what else you can do when you explore your creativity.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Simply Maggie

Help for the Lefties

Help for the Lefties

Here’s a video that was created specifically for those of you who are left-handed. Regardless of whether you’re a lefty or a righty, this video shows just how simple and quick it is to become part of the arm knitting army.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – The Crochet Crowd

The 45-Minute Blanket

The 45-Minute Blanket

Arm knitting isn’t just limited to scarves; you can even make the perfect winter blanket. It does take a little bit longer (about 45 minutes), but it’s definitely worth it! The yarn used here is exceptionally thick so it’ll be a really nice soft and warm blanket when you’re done. The girl in the video talks you through it every step of the way so this one is perfect for those of you who may feel a bit hesitant or not quite so confident.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Simply Maggie

Make a Throw Blanket

Make a Throw BlanketSave

Here’s another instruction guide to arm knitting a blanket; this one doesn’t have a video to follow but rather explains the process with pictures and text. You can use it as a throw on the couch or your bed, or you can increase the number of stitches for a bigger blanket that gives you more coverage.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Crafts Unleashed

There’s Arm Crocheting Too!

There’s Arm Crocheting Too!

Where there’s knitting, there’s also crocheting, so why not try arm crocheting too? This great video tutorial shows you exactly how to arm crochet (single crochet) a nice thick cowl. It’s a great alternative to arm knitting and it still gives you the same speedy satisfaction.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit  – Yarnspirations

Arm Crochet a Rug

Arm Crochet a Rug

Artist Andrea Brena created a number of arm knitted and arm crocheted furnishings in a project called “Knitted Army” in 2012. One of his amazing creations was a large circular rug, for which he used multiple strands at once. It’s wiser to make a rug by arm crocheting as opposed to arm knitting; since it’s thicker it’s less likely to wither under all the trampling feet.


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