10 Magnificently Easy DIYs To Refashion Old Winter Coats

1. Add A Corset Back

Add A Corset BackSave

Adding a corset design to the back of an old coat is a wonderful way to give it a new look. Plus, in case you’ve dropped a few pounds, this is a great way to alter your winter coat so that it fits better. Or, if you find a coat at a thrift store that you just have to have and it’s too big, just corset it and make it fit. Adding a corset to the back is pretty easy and gives your winter coat such a beautiful look.

Tutorial: zeloco

2. Add Contrasting Panels

Add Contrasting PanelsSave

Another great way to refresh that old winter coat is to add contrasting panels. You can add the panels at the side seams to give it a completely new look. This is also a great way to make a coat that may be a bit too small fit better. You just create a larger coat by adding panels at the sides – and you can add panels in whatever width you need to get the perfect fit.

Tutorial: ofdreamsandseams

3. Change The Length

If you really want to change how your winter coat looks, make it a bit shorter…or longer. A longer coat can be turned into a waist length coat or you could add a contrasting panel to a shorter coat – or a panel of the same material – to make it longer. Either way, you can a completely new coat with just a couple of hours of work and it’s a pretty easy project whichever way you choose to go.


4. Add A Homemade Brooch

Add A Homemade BroochSave

Sometimes all you need to change the look of something is to add a bit of decoration. You can completely updo that old winter coat by adding a homemade brooch. A brooch is a wonderful way to add some decoration and these DIY brooches are super easy to make. Customize your brooch to add the perfect touch to your old winter coats.

Tutorial: homemade-gifts-made-easy

5. Add A New Collar

Add A New CollarSave

Maybe you just need to add a decorative new collar to an old coat to give it just the right new touch. A shearling collar is a good way to do this and these are super easy to make. This is a great way to add a new look to old leather jackets and it works really well with denim, too. Or, if shearling is not quite your thing, use another material and follow the same steps to add a detachable collar that you can remove anytime you want. Learning how to sew in an invisible zipper will help with this one.

Tutorial: apairandasparediy

6. Add A New Fur Trim

Add A New Fur TrimSave

I love faux fur trimmed coats and even if your coat doesn’t currently have a fur trim, you can easily add one. This is a great way to update that old winter coat and it’s perfect for those cheaper coats that you can get at thrift stores for just a few dollars each. You just buy faux fur fabric in any color or design that
you want and then add trim to the collar and cuffs to give your old coat a new look.

Tutorial: violetlebeaux

7. Change The Buttons

Change The ButtonsSave

You can drastically change the way that your old winter coat looks by just adding new buttons. Maybe your old buttons have fallen off or they just have an outdated look. You can change that look by adding new, more interesting buttons and buttons are super cheap. This is the least inexpensive way to get a new coat from an old one and sewing on buttons is so easy!

Tutorial: stylebyjoules

8. Add Some Lace Trim

Add Some Lace TrimSave

Adding lace gives that old worn out coat a fresh new look and makes it a bit more feminine, as well. You can add lace to any fabric, although it looks especially beautiful on denim. If you have an old denim jacket that you want to update, adding lace trim to the bottom and the sleeves is a great way to do it. You can also add lace to longer coats around the collar or cuffs to give them an updated look.

Tutorial: liveabout

9. Add A New Belt

Add A New BeltSave

If your coat isn’t belted, adding a belt will instantly change how it looks. And, adding a new belt is super easy. You don’t even have to sew if you don’t want to. You could simply buy a wide leather belt and use that or you can sew on a new belt, complete with belt loops so that it looks like your coat was made with it. This is a really inexpensive and easy way to update that old winter coat.

Tutorial: popsugar

10. Replace The Lining

Replace The LiningSave

Replacing the lining of your old winter coat will give it a fresh new look. This is also a really great idea if your old lining is worn or torn, and it’s easier to sew in a new coat lining than you may think. If you want to change the look, think about adding a lining in a contrasting color or just choose a textured fabric that you really like. You’ll change the look and help your coat to last longer with a new lining.

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